When  we travel to Mexico or the Caribbean

When  we travel to Mexico or the Caribbean, we always do an all-inclusive package. You don’t have to worry about taking out your wallet every time you eat or want a drink. With the all-inclusive package-your flight, transfers, food, drinks and resort are all included in the package price. I always recommend to my clients to get insurance. Now some people do not believe or want the added cost of the insurance. Many times couple/families books months in advance. You never know if little Susie will get sick the night before your trip or grandma could fall and get hurt. Yes, you would lose the money you paid for your insurance but depending on what type of insurance you got, could get the rest of your money back. The only money you may need is for gifts that you may want to purchase for friends or family. If you want to do some type of excursion, you are able to put this on a credit card which I recommend.

Please note that airlines want the most money they can get from you now. So most airlines are charging for carry on and checked luggage. If there is a certain seat or row you are wanting you may want to go in and “purchase” that seat.

I always bring dollar bills. The luggage carries and transfer people will expect a tip, so please be prepared. We always leave a tip for our maid ($1) every day and when we find a bartender who makes especially good drinks, we make sure we tip. NOW this is not expected but much appreciate by the staff. They work very hard to ensure that you have a wonderful time and want to come back. Don’t be afraid if you feel the drinks are weak, to ask for a double shot. They are happy to do it. Again, they want to make sure your happy and will recommend the resort.

When your booking is paid in full, I will send you a packet. Included in the packet is your travel itinerary, TSA rules and guidelines, packing information, Zika information, airline information, time share information, stop mail slip and more.

Also, please, please check with your representative or front desk the day prior to leaving the resort to check on time of your return transfer to the airport to make sure that there has been no last minute flight changes. IF you are late, they will leave you! I have seen this happen to a couple. They then had to find their own transfers to the airport at their own cost. There had been a change in their flight time and had not double checked their transfer time.

I bring a small bag with me when ever we travel. Inside the bag, I have maybe 8 band aides,eye drops, anti-diarrhea medicine, Tylenol, nail clippers, and bug spray. I also bring a small candle in a glass jar. Why? If your room would smell musty-light the candle! I also bring a pair of water shoes, just in case the beach is rocky.  Now you don’t have to bring any of this. But I have learned that I would rather have it than not.