Starved Rock State Park, Utica, IL

In October, we decided to do an overnight stay at Starved Rock State Park. I actually wanted a cabin but by the time I called they were all booked. We stayed in the lodge which was nice but dated. I asked if they offered senior citizens discount and what age you need to get it. It turns out you need to be 60. We ended up on the bottom floor in a room that had a handicapped accessible bathroom. The room was small but clean. Now if you’re wanting to walk the canyons be prepared! To get to one canyon you walked down 137 stairs (remember you have to walk those back up). We spent two days walking the trails. Enjoying the views. Make sure if you go to walk to the Starve Rock view point. It was very beautiful. We weren’t able to walk all the trails due to the fact that this was really just an overnight trip. But we are planning on going back. I enjoyed the quite time of walking through the woods, enjoying nature and actually talking with my husband with all the interruptions of day to day life Make sure to wear comfortable clothes and shoes. We enjoyed the French Canyon and Wildcat Canyon. The next day we walked the LaSalle Canyon, walk this canyon with caution. There is areas that have eroded out and the bridge is out on the other side. We stopped at Buffalo State Park but to be honest the trails were closed-we later found out that it had been hit by a tornado and they were still doing repairs. We went to Matthiessen State Park and walked a few of the trails there but it started raining so we left. They have a very neat crayon there. On our next trip there we already know we would like to walk the St. Louis Canyon. Where we were told that there is a waterfall and normally has water all year long. There was waterfalls at some of the other canyons but due to the recent draught there was no water flow. In the evening we drove into Ottawa to eat dinner. I would like to go back and spend an afternoon walking around “old” Ottawa. Loved the look of the old buildings there.